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Formado Loiro Abolição.


Classes back in person!

Classes back in person from 17th of May! Location: Dean Court Community Centre, Pinnocks Way, Botley, Oxford. Booking in advance only, via the website.


Capoeira - brazilian martial art

Formado Loiro Abolição.

Known in Capoeira as Formado Loiro

I started training in Oxford with Mestre Luis Negão in early 2007, at 15 years old. 

From my first class, I was hooked. After three years training, I went on my first trip to Brazil with the group, I learned so much more about the culture and history surrounding this art, I have returned many times since, including the following year. 

Training capoeira has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world, I visited South Africa in 2012, 13 and 14, spending two months in 2014 on a solo trip teaching the classes in our project, and making connections with a new faction in Cape Town, taught by an ex-student of the project. 
I have been across Europe, visiting other groups for events and training, but the greatest connection I found is with Brazil; during my visits, I have trained with many fantastic groups, taken courses with great masters and studied the culture and history surrounding capoeira. I have taught classes in Salvador, Brazil, and in South Africa, as a guest teacher. 

In 2011, I began helping with our kids classes, and later continued to run the sessions with a great team of other instructors. 
I went on to help with adult classes for a number of years, before being awarded my Formado status in 2015. 
Since then, I have spent over a year in total visiting Brazil, training with other groups, and completing courses with Mestres of Capoeira Regional, 'bebendo agua na fonte'.
I have administered beginners courses, which I base on the methodology of Mestre Bimba's Capoeira Regional, and took on the running of Abolição in Oxford in 2020, giving classes in person, and online.


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