Roda de Capoeira

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Capoeira classes in Oxford with Formado Loiro.

Abolição Oxford Capoeira teaches the Brazilian cultural and martial art form of Capoeira through regular classes, courses, workshops and performances.


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Tonight's (28/03) session has been cancelled. Sorry any inconvenience.


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kids classes Oxford

Abolição Oxford Capoeira kids classes are run by a dedicated team of capoeiristas (capoeira practitioners) under the supervision of Mestre Luis Negão. We have many years of experience training in the art form, and have been teaching the kids classes for a number of years too.

Children are welcome from age 4.

Taunton Capoeira.jpg

Classes in Taunton with Mestre Luis Negão.
He moved to Oxford from his home in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where he started to learn capoeira with friends on the streets, eventually training with various Mestres over the years.

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Not For Profit Capoeira Community.

Grupo Abolição Capoeira South London is a non-profit community group running classes suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced in south London.