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Capoeira family back together!!

On Saturday, 30 October 2021 we held a roda at Seacourt Hall, Botley. Our first in Oxford after the world pandemic. We were also celebrating our Capoeira Master Luís Negão's birthday as well as getting together with friends we hadn't seen for a while.

It was fantastic to feel the amazing energy of having everyone together. The room was full of incredible capoeiristas and it was beautiful to see everyone in their whites moving their body and getting the Axé together.

We had the presence of Mestre Polaco, Professor Mosqueteiro, Professor Xaruto, Formado Loiro, Formado Leão, Formada Mulher Gata, Formado Biscoito and Formado Pardal and others students and friends from other groups.

A big thank you to all that made it.

Roda at Seacourt Hall, Botley - October 2021

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