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The Story of Abolição Oxford Capoeira

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Arriving in England in 1999, our Mestre-Luis Negão founded the group with the name Capoeira Pedra do Sal, in honour of his home borough in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. At first, Luis Negão was teaching classes with no real vision for the group, but seeing the potential of his students, decided to return to Brazil for a period to take courses with reputable masters of the art, in order to feel qualified to pass on his knowledge and skills. He spent some time training with Mestre Salário Mínimo of Grupo Abolição, who gave his Professor graduation, and so he took the name Abolição back to England to establish Abolição Oxford Capoeira. During his work with capoeira, the focus of the group became more ingrained in the teachings and methodology of Capoeira Regional, over the years he has continued studying and searching for information to further his knowledge and understanding of Capoeira, passing this knowledge on to his students, and giving them opportunities to learn from Mestres and teachers via trips to Brazil, and exchanges and workshops in England. Gaining recognition for his work, the founder of Abolição Oxford Capoeira has become known as Mestre Luis Negão, and is a well respected master of Capoeira in England, Brazil and beyond. Students of the group have gone on to be graduated as Formados and Professores, continuing this work in London and Oxford, for many years Mestre Luis Negão ran a project in Abaete, Itapuã in Salvador to help children on the streets where his journey in capoeira began, The Abolição Trust was set up to fund this project, and another project was set up in South Africa by two students from England (Professores Xaruto and Mosqueteiro), now some students from this project are teaching classes of their own across South Africa. Mestre Luis Negão continues teaching classes in Taunton, England.

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